In the first two days of Chinese New Year,for married daughters to visit their birth families! From side to side to move the mouse to control the direction of the role. Note: vehicles on the road and avoid obstacles.

Gourd doll was imprisoned underwater by snake One day,doll meet a dragon. He ride the dragon and rush out of water arrowkeys+mouse

Space Marine

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A space themed arena shooter where your goal is to defend against endless aliens attacking you. Survive as long as you can, upgrade your guns and armor, defeat bosses and much more! The fate of the universe is depending on you.


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In a top secret research and development center, an even more secret project is being developed. Top secret military agency is working on a robot (unfortunately nobody knows what is its purpose because everything is so secret :). One day, the robot takes an opportunity …


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This is a bumpy match. Use your bumpers magnetism and catch the ball. Bump it to the right direction. Insert the ball opponent’s goal for win. Use your mouse.

Jump To Sky

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Help the robot Roddy go back to the spaceship. Jump on generated platforms to reach the sky.Bats,birds and meteors can push you back so try to avoid them.Collect supplies for upgrades to feel the power of Roddy

Awesome Math Helicopter Game That kicks ass!! Click or press space to fly the helicopter. More instructions in game!

Play as the whistleblower Edward Snowden and copy all secret files from the NSA Headquarter’s computers. Hide from security cameras, NSA agents and even Obama. Distract the security by throwing donuts. Exit the floor when all files are copied and leaked. Play this game by …

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