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You think you’ve got a good reaction? Let’s check it out? Try to shoot a maximum of bottles and get to the top table of records. Ready? Reload your gun! Once the bottles begin to fly shoot sparing rounds.

Sky Fight

juli 16, 2013 // 0 Comments

Fight with countless witches in this fun kids shooter game. Click to shoot, the witch will follow your mouse

Base by a large number of enemy attacks. Wind Eagle Man stepped in, the locals come to group attack! Use the mouse to aim your target , Left key to shoot

Dark forces come again. The kingdom calls upon you to fight against this forces. Our lands needs a hero! Lead your brave squad at the battlefield and save the realm. Hotkeys: F1/Q, F2/W – heroes selection 1, 2, 3 – magic, when hero is selected …

Do you love bikes ? Play through 4 exciting stages of this fun filled bike ride. Collect bonus stars and perform flips to score points. Complete all the stages to be registered on the leaderboard. Have fun… Press “up arrow/down arrow” to move the bike …


juli 16, 2013 // 0 Comments

Baby garden flowers grow up day by day, hateful vole stare at to steal my, this time I want to protect my garden, give him a bad taste, I’ll beat him before he stole all the flowers, let him not come back, O (∩ ∩ …

Hit the ball to basket for the first time hit will be the multiplication of points, and touch the stars to score more points. control : mouse

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